You have an idea,
we make it happen.

Yes, we can build that.

Business Consulting

Go to market strategy

We can help identify, focus on, and build interest in your target markets.

Problem solving

Every business faces unique challenges. We love tackling and finding solutions for those.

Market reasearch

With years of experience doing market analysis for private equity firms, we can help you identify pain-points, demand, pricing, and viability.

Product Design

Industrial Design

We know materials, manufacturing processes, and components, and we can work with you to come up with a unique, beautiful, functional, and manufacturable product design. We can help establish design language for your company, or we can build on what you've done before.

Mechatronic Engineering

You'll find many product design firms out there, but one area where we really stand out is in building mechanical and electrical systems that work together seamlessly. Whether you need a haptic wearable or a complex robotic systems, we can turn your idea into a manufacturable product.

Design for Manufacture

Making a cool and functional product doesn't mean anything if you can't make a lot of them. We build products to be highly manufacturable from the ground up, and we continuously optimize to reduce cost and complexity in the factory.


Concept to product

We can turn your ideas into a polished product that people can buy and use, or help with any step along the way.


Whether you want to build a few of something or millions, we can do it in-house or through contract manufacturing partners in the US or abroad.


We can deliver your product to customers quickly, reliably, and economically through our logistics partners.



You put a lot of time and money into your business and products. It would be a shame to deliver them in generic cardboard boxes. We can help define or refine your company's branding, and ensure that it is consistent everywhere from your product's packaging, to its instruction manual, to your website, to your apps, to your advertising.

Design language

Even when they're not emblazoned in your logo and name, people should instantly recognize your products. We can bring you that level of consistency by working with you to design a vocabulary, structure, and grammar that guides what you do and speaks to people in a unique but consistent way.

Unboxing experience

When someone opens your product, it should feel like opening a present. We can work with you to design an unboxing experience for your customers that is special and memorable.



Whether it's a business process, prototype, or manufactured product, we are a machine that reliably produces consistent experiences and products.


We move fast, and it'd be easy to get lost in iterations, or steps along the way. Our traceability system lets us keep track of everything we make from an early prototype to a finished product so we can easily identify and remedy the root cause of any issues that arise.


Because we keep track of everything, we are constantly improving our understanding of how long things take and how much they cost. Even though your product has never been done before, we can reliably build it on schedule for a predictable cost.

Our Team

Scott Menor
Founder / CEO
Daniel Stone
Jazmín Zertuche